Herd Test Dashboard

DataGene’s Herd Test Dashboard is a new report for farmers who herd test. It provides a picture of what’s happening at the herd level with overviews of a number of key metrics, both within herd health and herd composition.

  • The Herd Test Dashboard allows farmers to get more value out of the time and effort they invest in herd testing.
  • It helps them identify and minimise hidden costs in the herd associated with herd health issues.
  • It provides alerts on individual cows and at the herd level to enable the farmer to follow up with a vet and/or nutritionist

Data from herd testing is central to Australia’s genetic evaluation system which generates Australian Breeding Values (ABVs) and indices (eg BPI, TWI, HWI). About 46% of Australian dairy farmers herd test and it is in the dairy industry’s interest to maintain this rate to ensure the continued accuracy of ABVs and indices.

One of the reasons farmers don’t herd test (or cease herd testing) is the view that they don’t get enough value out of the results. Herd testing results typically provide detailed information about individual cows. However, the data can be used as a powerful management tool when it is collated to provide a picture of what’s happening at a herd level, or to groups of cows. The Herd Test Dashboard has been designed to fill this gap by reporting on current performance and trends at the herd level. Better management of herd health will help maintain the Australian dairy industry’s reputation for milk quality and animal welfare.

The Herd Test Dashboard is being progressively rolled out in collaboration with herd test centres, with the first to come on line from April 2017.

The Herd Test Dashboard was developed by Dairy Australia and refined by DataGene, an initiative of Dairy Australia and industry.
Participating herd test centres provide on-going assistance in delivering the DataGene Herd Test Dashboard to dairy farmers.

Dashboard sample
DataGene’s Herd Test Dashboard is a new report for farmers who herd test.