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Day 1 - Herd '21 Conference

Wednesday 10 March 2021


Day 2 - Herd '21 Conference

Thursday 11 March 2021

10.30am - Official Welcome

10.40am - Session 1 - Simone Jolliffe - Why are we here?

What does the new data normal look like, from the farm, from a service provider, from an industry perspective? Setting the scene and tracing history.

PDF of Simone Jolliffe - Why are we here presentation 

10.55am - Session 2 - Dr. Heather White - Joining the dots

How do we fit everything together? Herd testing, breeding, nutrition, health, management.

PDF of Dr. Heather White - Joining the dots presentation

11.30am - Session 3 - Squaring the circle

How is industry working together to change the way farmers, service providers and industry interact with data? Can comment on Dairy Plan and Herd Improvement’s importance to it.

11.55am - Session 4 -  Daniel Espinosa - Reinventing Herd Test

What role does Herd Test play in the new data normal?

PDF of Daniel Espinosa - Reinventing Herd Test presentation

12.20pm - Session 5 -Brian Leslie - Impact of Herd Recording

Brian Leslie provides the conference with some insight into the impact of herd recording on the value of dairy cattle.

PDF of Brian Leslie - Impact of Herd Recording presentation

12.40pm An introduction from Zoetis followed by a lunch in the hospitality area

1.45pm - Session 6 - Jeffrey Bewley - How precision dairy will influence animal breeding

How do sensors begin to impact visual assessment of conformation? 

PDF of Jeffrey Bewley - How precision dairy will influence animal breeding presentation

2.10pm - Session 7 - Prof. Jennie Pryce - Opener followed by on the couch with change makers

DairyBio has been going for almost 5 years and Jennie looks back on where it has been and where the next 5 years will take it.

Our panel members will discuss their research and its impact on farmers and the industry.

On the couch with:
● Phuong Ho
● Mekonnen Haile-Mariam
● Irene van den Berg 

PDF of Prof. Jennie Pryce - Opener followed by on the couch with change makers presentation

2.50pm - Session 8 - Jacqui Suares - Ginfo farmers and their contribution to the industry

Jacqui will discuss how she uses data and her view about Ginfo and its importance/role

PDF of Jacqui Suares - Ginfo farmers and their contribution to the industry presentation

3.45pm - Session 9 -  Iona Macleod and Graeme Gillan - The work to bring genomics to all breeds

Iona Macleod talks about the work to help smaller breeds access genomic evaluation.

Graeme Gillan then joins Iona to lead a panel to discuss what genomics means in the paddock with:

• Paul Cocksedge – Red Breed 
• Trevor Parrish – Holstein 
• Sandra Bacon – Jersey 
• Lyndon Cleggett – Guernsey

PDF of Iona Macleod - The work to bring genomics to all breeds presentation

4.20pm - Session 10 - Thuy Nguyen and Beth Scott with a panel about inbreeding

Thuy Nguyen leads a panel discussion on how genomic selection has increased the rates of genetic gain and inbreeding in the national herd, genomic information nucleus and bulls.

The session starts with a presentation by PhD student Beth Scott, following by a panel discussion:

● Beth Scott 
● Christian Hickey 
● Trevor Saunders 
● Bruce Ronalds 

PDF of Beth Scott inbreeding presentation

4.45pm - Session 11 - Dr. Jennie Pryce - Glimpse into the Future - DairyBio 2021-26

The 2021-26 research programme of DairyBio has been developed and Prof Jennie Pryce will take us on a VIP tour of what has been proposed for herd improvement.

7.00pm - 10.30pm - The Herd ‘21 Conference Dinner 

In conjunction with the Herd 21 dinner NHIA will be announcing the winner of the Young Achiever Award for 2021 and the inductees to the Laurie Wells Awards recognising meritorious service to the Herd Improvement industry.










8.25am - 8.30am - Welcome to Day 2

Conference Master of Ceremonies Graeme Gillan oversees the morning recovery plans following the celebratory Herd ‘21 conference dinner and introduces Day 2.

8.35am - Session 1 - Dr. Debora Santschi - How are Canadians adapting to the new data normal?

What is on the horizon for Canadian farmers and what can we learn? 

PDF of Dr. Debora Santschi - How are Canadians adapting to the new data normal? presentation

9.05am - Session 2 - Donagh Berry - Decision support tools to drive performance

Donagh explores how Ireland is using data to make decisions on farm, including breeding tools, culling tools and tools to help sell calves. How is Ireland thinking about data and the Artificial Intelligence models that are being built and what can Australia learn from them?

PDF of Donagh Berry - Decision support tools to drive performance presentation

9.40am - Session 3 - Dr. Matt Shaffer – Data and its use across the supply chain

The digitalisation of dairy means that data is playing an increasingly important role across the supply chain. From on-farm decision making around management and breeding to industry sustainability reporting. Matt takes a look at what has changed in the last few years and what the future might bring.

PDF of Dr. Matt Shaffer – Data and its use across the supply chain presentation

10.35am - Session 4 - Dr Felicity Blackstock – Industry Training

How can industry adapt its training to the new world? How is the industry creating training for its people in collaboration with Dairy Australia?

PDF of Dr Felicity Blackstock – Industry Training presentation

11.00am - Session 5 - John Morton - Fertility on the Ground

As part of the NBO review, the InCalf team discovered some new insights into breeding for improved fertility.

PDF of John Morton - Fertility on the Ground presentation

Session 6 - On Farm Service Improvement Speakers

11.25am - Michelle Axford - Accelerating Heifer Genomics

PDF of Michelle Axford - Accelerating Heifer Genomics presentation

11.45am - Stephanie Bullen - The Future of Timed AI program and Social License and how it might impact timed AI

PDF of Stephanie Bullen - The Future of Timed AI program and Social License and how it might impact timed AI presentation

11.55am - Session 7 - Erika Oakes - The new normal herd test

With the release of a new delivery platform for herd test reports along with new reports for fertility and select dry cow therapy, what does this mean for farmers and advisors?

Panel discussion: What do you do with the newly accessible information? What do you see as the most significant change on-farm? How has the advisor role changed?
● Geoff Potts
● Andrew Savage 
● Craig Bennett
● Jo Newton

12.30pm - Session 8 - Brad Aitken - What has changed on the ground for service providers?

Brad Aitken from Leading Edge Genetics provides some insight about what has changed on the ground for service providers concerning genomics, sex semen, poll, beef, A2 and services. 

PDF of Brad Aitken - What has changed on the ground for service providers? presentation

12.50pm - An introduction from Allflex Australia followed by a lunch

1.00pm - Conference Close

Conference Master of Ceremonies will officially close the Herd ’21 conference, followed by lunch.