Genomic discovery day 2022

Genomic discovery day 2022 Live recordings

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9:15 am  Open by today’s host, Dr John Penry, Manager Technical and Innovation, Farm Group, Dairy Australia.
9:20 am  Join John O’Sullivan from County Cork in Ireland to see how genomics contributes to his family’s 500 cow dairy farm. Facilitated by Peter Thurn, DataGene Ltd.
9:55 am Genomic testing makes sense on most dairy farms - but how does the value proposition stack up for the herd  improvement industry? Peter Williams shares three case studies where businesses are improving their service delivery to farmers through genomic testing. With Matthew Aikenhead, ABS, Nicholas Brasher, FarmWest and Anna Norgren, ST Genetics.
10:25 am How is DataGene Ltd helping you to help your customers? DataGene Ltd’s Dr Matthew Shaffer and Lee-Ann Monks present results from the latest market research and genomic evaluation testing statistics as well as introduce new services that provide greater insights on-farm.
11:15 am Always wanting to understand the impact of practice change at farm level, Dr John Morton has been scouring the data to investigate common questions that have not-so-common answers.
11:40 am Prof Jennie Pryce introduces some of the exciting work underway at DairyBio. She is joined by a vibrant team of young scientists, Dr Ee Cheng Ooi, Beth Scott and Dr Jo Newton OAM as they present their most recent research - hot off the press!
1:10 pm Genomic testing makes sense for us. Meet Shiona Berry from Glen Alvie in Victoria who is taking a good herd and making it even better, with the help of genomic testing. Facilitated by Dr Stephanie Bullen, Dairy Australia.
1:35 pm How much does it really cost to rear a heifer? With Jake Musson, formerly Dairy Australia.
1:55 pm Genomics plays a vital role in accelerating the rate of genetic gain, on farm. Dr Sarah Bolton, Dairy Australia and panel guests explain how genomic testing also works well with other technologies to build responsible breeding programs that are healthy for profitability and to maintain our social license. With Dr Stephanie Bullen, Dairy Australia.
2:20 pm Catch the latest news from Dairy Australia and DataGene Ltd with Dr Thuy Nguyen, DataGene Ltd and Kristen Davis, GippsDairy. This includes how you can connect with your clients through the new heifer genomics extension activities as well as news about upcoming changes to genomic evaluations.