Genetic Evaluation Standing Committee


The primary objective of the Genetic Evaluation Standing Committee is to provide advice and recommendations to the Board on specialist matters in relation to Genetic Evaluation and related technologies. Such recommendations will assist the Board in making optimal decisions on strategic and technical requirements relating to Genetic Evaluation and service provision. Membership requirements and functions are outlined in Table 1.

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Table 1: Contributions and Functions of the Genetic Evaluation Standing Committee

Green and white table with text only containing Genetic Evaluation Standing Committee Expertise	Function and obligations Specialised GE Skills Industry knowledge Global Perspective Farmer Representatives Industry Representatives Scientific skills	Provide feedback to DataGene board Recommend strategic and operational priorities to DataGene board.  Technical review and input Exercise delegations provided by the Board


Green and white table with text only containing Member	Genetic Evaluation Standing Committee Membership	Nomination Simone Jolliffe	Farmer chair	Appointed by DataGene Board Matthew Shaffer	DataGene CEO	Appointed by DataGene Board Stephanie Bullen	DA representative	Nominated by Dairy Australia 	ADF representative	Nominated by ADF Janet Auchterlonie Tim Humphris Trevor Saunders Trevor Parrish	Farmer representatives	Appointed by DataGene Board Jennie Pryce Gert Nieuwhof	Science representatives	Nominated by DairyBio / DEDJTR Vaughn Johnston Christian Hickey Tim Weller Bruce Ronalds	Semex National Herd Development – NHD World Wide Sires  ABS Australia	Nominated by NHIA Rohan Butler Glen Barrett	Holstein Australia Jersey Australia	Nominated by NHIA Thuy Nguyen	DataGene	Appointed by DataGene CEO DataGene Board members may attend

Member Responsibilities:

  • Each member will be expected to communicate with other stakeholders in their sector who are not represented.
  • Each member should operate in an independent manner with a view towards industry good based on the Standing Committee Values and Principles.