Matthew Radford looks forward to using the Type Weighted Index (Feb 2015)

Tasmanian dairy farmer, Matt Radford (Dial View), is looking forward to having a type-specific breeding index to guide his sire selection decisions this year.
He will use the Type Weighted Index, which is one of three new indexes now available with the April ABV release:
Balanced Performance Index (BPI): focusses on maximising net profit through production, fertility and type; replaces the current Australian Profit Ranking (APR).
Type Weighted Index (TWI): focusses on improving overall type, mammary system, udder depth and fore udder attachment.
Health Weighted index (HWI): strongest focus on fertility, cell count, feed efficiency and survival.
Matt and his brother, Andrew, own three dairy farms at Riana in north, west Tasmania. One is managed by a share farmer while Matt manages the other two and Andrew, a full time accountant, helps with the financial side of the business.The herds average about 9000L/cow or 600-620kg milk solids.
“The new Type Weighted Index matches our breeding priorities, so I will go to that list first when making sire selections in the future. We’ll probably select from the top 20 or 30 in the list. I’m really pleased that it has an allowance for fertility as well as the important type traits,” he said.
Matt said he expected the new breeding indexes to be well received by dairy farmers.
“Having three indexes means farmers can choose the index that best matches their breeding priorities. It will take a lot of the hard work out of comparing sires for the specific traits that are important to their herd", Matt said.
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