Genetic Progress Reports

The Genetic Progress Report is a within-breed analysis of a herd over a ten year period and illustrates genetic gain for profit, production, type, longevity, fertility and mastitis resistance.

Request your report from your herd test centre or contact DataGene.

The Genetic Progress Report offers a farmer their own herd’s genetic picture with little extra effort. Your herd information which is collected through regular herd recording is routinely used to produce the cow ABVs upon which this Report is based. As is the case for all ABVs, the Report is independent and backed by strong science.

Genetic Progress

The Genetic Progress Report offers herd improvement service providers a value-adding opportunity to their existing range of services. Herd test centres are able to provide their clients with this new analysis tool using existing data sources. The Report builds on their many years of commitment to data capture. It provides another point of engagement to help their clients build stronger herds for the future.
The Genetic Progress Report is closely aligned with the Good Bulls Guide. For every trait graph on the Report, there is a corresponding list of bulls in the Good Bulls Guide.

The Report is a practical output of DataGene and Dairy Australia’s investment in genetic evaluation, genomic technology and genetics extension.