Genomic Technology

Genomics is the large-scale use of DNA information to predict the potential performance of bulls and cows. This includes knowledge of differences in DNA sequences of individuals and associating these differences with actual outcomes.

As an industry, we aspire to double the rate of genetic gain in Australia through the use of genomic selection.
Genomics is delivering significant benefits to the Australian dairy industry:
Artificial breeding companies are able to identify high potential young sires for inclusion in progeny testing programs
Farmers have more reliable information for younger bulls and overseas bulls on traits of particular interest like fertility and longevity
Farmers and breeders can identify superior females at a younger age to support breeding and herd management decisions on farm
Farmers can confirm parentage of animals to help make better mating decisions
Now, farmers can select bulls using genomic based breeding values from the Good Bulls Guide. Farmers can also test their cows to more accurately identify superior animals to breed the next generation.
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