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  • Created on: Wednesday 15 May 2019

    Genetics can help the dairy industry overcome social, environmental and financial challenges, a global expert told a recent herd improvement conference.

    It’s just a matter of embracing change.

  • Created on: Wednesday 15 May 2019

    A single herd-test, within 80 days before drying-off cows can guide targeted part-herd (selective) antibiotic dry cow treatment use on-farm.

    That was the message from Dr John Penry who spoke to the Herd ’19 conference in Bendigo, recently, about ways dairy farmers can reduce the use of antibiotics on-farm.

  • Created on: Thursday 09 May 2019

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  • Created on: Thursday 11 April 2019

    The updated Good Bulls App is now available on both android and iOS devices.



  • Created on: Thursday 04 April 2019
  • Created on: Wednesday 03 April 2019

    5 April 2019

    DataGene is on the look out for dairy farmers who keep meticulous records to join Ginfo, the industry’s national reference group for genetic information.

    Participating herds will have their 2-year-old heifers DNA tested (genotyped) and classified for free and have the option to test young female calves at a discount. They also receive a year’s free subscription to the HerdData app and early access to DataGene’ s reports and tools under development.

  • Created on: Tuesday 19 March 2019
    Herd 19: 19-20 March, 2019, Bendigo



  • Created on: Monday 10 December 2018

    10 December 2018

    Dairy farmers who love genetics will have the latest Australian Breeding Values (ABVs) to pour over during their Christmas break, with the December ABVs released by DataGene this week.

  • Created on: Thursday 29 November 2018


    Herd 19: 19-20 March, 2019, Bendigo






    Herd '19 Proceedings are now on line. Access it here


  • Created on: Monday 19 November 2018