Farmer Case studies

Genomic tool boosts herd data

Jodi and Brett Loughridge

After decades of careful and considered breeding, the last thing Jodi and Brett Loughridge wanted to do was sell their genetically superior animals to the export market. Read more...

Restoring the missing link in herd improvement

Peter Fullerton

With support from his local herd test centre, Western District dairy farmer Peter Fullerton has recovered decades of performance data and pedigree histories that had been lost due to the incorrect transfer of purchased cows. Read more...

Rising through the ranks

Lyn & David Parish

Dornoch Jerseys continue their rapid ascension in the national herd rankings as they become the first Jersey her in Australia to reach more than 2,000 genotyped cows. Read more...

Herd data deciphering made easier

Moore family
When it comes to herd data, the Moore family has every base covered.
The NSW dairy farmers have 25-plus years of monthly herd recording information, classification results and breeding information, plus all the notes taken in the farm’s ‘daily diary at the dairy’. Read more...

Illawambra animals in high demand

Parrish family
The Parrish family’s cows and bulls have always been in demand but this year they’ve skyrocketed to a new level. They have four bulls in Genetics Australia`s 2021 progeny test team and have sold 88 cows to other farmers so far this year. Read more...

Herd bulls can be a known quantity

Watts family
The availability of genomically tested herd bulls puts a new perspective on natural breeding programs giving herd managers confidence herd bulls can meet their breeding objectives and provide a verifiable pedigree. Read more...

Achieving goals in genetic gain

Les and Jenny Stewart
Genomic testing and investing in proven high-performance genetics, has helped Victorian dairy farmers Les and Jenny Stewart (Allanjay Holsteins) achieve their goal of increasing production. Read more...

Data dive leads to discovery

The Telford family at Mt Schank, south of Mt Gambier, now monitor their 2,750 cows plus their offspring through the report, which is available on DataVat, the dairy industry’s herd improvement web portal that provides herd reports based on a farmer’s own data. Read More...

Recording reds keeps business on track

Warren Gallagher values his herd recording information so much, he changed his business to make the most of it. The NSW dairy farmer uses data gathered from his monthly herd tests to not only make breeding and culling decisions, but also Read More...

Genes reveal elite dairy cow in average-looking body

Andrew and Christine Sebire from Northern Victoria were left scratching their heads after hearing they owned the nation’s highest genomically ranked cow. Although she scored a staggering Balanced Performance Index (BPI) of $436, neither of the Echuca West dairy farmers could remember the heifer, aptly named Ivyhurst Mystery OC.  (April 2020) Read More...

Breeding for polled position

Kerry McGarvie (Taughboyne Jerseys) from Western Victoria has one regret when it comes to breeding polled Jerseys – that she didn’t go harder at the start. (May 2020) Read more...

Managing mastitis makes sense

Tim Humphris from South-West Victoria, chooses bulls via the Good Bulls Guide App, ranking on Balanced Performance Index (BPI) and then filtering for various traits. The number one trait was fertility, but now mastitis resistance is a high priority. Read more...

Data-driven growth in Gippsland

For Tom Kent from Gippsland Victoria, genomic (DNA) testing would provide a deeper herd dataset and a way to determine an animal’s expected performance before it even enters the milking herd. Read more...

App takes the stress out of herd management

Allen Hooke, October 2018 

Accurate and up-to-date paper work is crucial for all dairy farmers.

But as a farm manager, Allen Hook says the ability to keep precise records is what keeps him in a job. 

Workability and calving ease data adds value to business decisions

Darren and Sharon Parrish, February 2018

Darren and Sharon Parrish use Australian Breeding Values (ABVs) for workability and calving ease to help run a productive and profitable dairy business and make better
decisions on their farm at Bodalla, on the New South Wales south coast.

Heat Tolerance over the moon at Nanango

Ian and Cathy Scott, December 2017

Ian and Cathy Scott from Nanango, Queensland will be looking for bulls to use over their dairy herd that are above average for the new Heat Tolerance Australian Breeding Value (ABV).

The quest for the ultimate commercial cow

Craig Lister, September 2017 (Dairy News Australia)

In September 2017 Dairy News Australia published an article on how Ginfo farmer Craig Lister uses his genomic results.

Breeding cows better suited to our farming environment

Shane Gardiner, December 2017

Shane Gardiner from the Lorebeck Partnership in Mt Gambier SA is looking forward to being able to breed cows a little better suited to his farming environment with DataGene’s release of the Heat Tolerance Australian Breeding Value (ABV) in December 2017.

Breeding for heat tolerance

Trevor Parrish, December 2017

When bull buying clients started asking Holstein breeder Trevor Parrish about the new Heat Tolerance ABV, he knew he had to make sure he was breeding what his customers wanted.

Breeding program to help in the heat

Ross Gordon, December 2017

A new Heat Tolerance ABV will be one consideration when choosing bulls to use over the 640 cows in the Gorbro Holstein herd run by the Gordon family at Cohuna in Northern Victoria.

Phone app fills missing link

Ken and Bonnie Ravenhill, December 2017

Mobile technology is making it much easier to keep track of cow records – just ask WA Holstein breeder Ken Ravenhill (Moonaralla Holsteins).

Good Bulls app streamlines choices

Con Glennon, December 2017

DataGene’s Good Bulls app is streamlining bull selection and cutting out the hype when it comes to identifying the best dairy genetics and its proving to be a be valuable tool for herd improvement advisors, resellers and dairy farmers.

Does genetics pay in practice?

Paul and Lisa Mumford, December 2017

The high genetic merit cows in Paul and Lisa Mumford’s herd contribute $282 more profit per cow every year than their lower genetic merit herd-mates.

Informed decisions at Fleyas

Geoff and Jessica Fleming, December 2017

Jessica Fleming loves herd testing – not because of the work involved, but for the information it generates on the cows. So getting extra information in the form of the DataGene Herd Test Dashboard free with the May herd test figures was a huge bonus.

HerdData app simpler than pen and paper

Jolley Family, December 2017

Paper and pen records may soon be replaced by keeping farm records on a mobile phone, according to South Australian dairy farmer Debbie Jolley.

Better use of farm time with phone app

Nick and Simone Renyard, December 2017

Western Victorian dairy farmer Nick Renyard is making better use of his time on the farm thanks to DataGene’s HerdData mobile phone app.

HerdData puts everyone on same page

Heather Campbell, December 2017

The HerdData app is used in both the family’s and the Hentys’ herds as a way of allowing easy access to cow records and to streamline recording information such as animal health treatments and calving records.

Genomics fast tracks herd performance

Shane and Lauren Gardiner, December 2017

In the past two years, Shane and Lauren Gardiner have used genomic testing to confirm parentage details, improve the genetic merit of replacement heifers, make culling decisions earlier and run more milking cows.

Dashboard drives cow decisions

Peta Barlow, December 2017

Gippsland dairy farmer Peta Barlow knows about herd testing – from both sides of the fence. Peta works at Yarram Herd Services and also runs a 130- cow dairy herd at nearby Jack River that is herd tested 12 times a year.

Farm facts at his fingertips 

Kevin Lockett, July 2017

Gippsland dairy farmer Kevin Locket has his herd records just where he wants them - at his fingertips. DataGene’s new mobile app, HerdData, gives Mr Lockett access to his herd records anywhere, any time.

Ginfo herd insights: Bonnie View

Ray Howe and Stuart Seabrook, May 2017 (Holstein Journal)

In May 2017 the Holstein Journal published an article on on the Ginfo results for Ray and Sue Howe’s Bonnie View herd.