Breeding made easier thanks to bull selection app

B Hill TasmaniaDairy farmer: Hill family
Region: Tasmania
Topic: Good Bulls App

Developing a herd of equal stature has meant some careful breeding decisions for the Hill family.

The dairy farmers from South Riana in Tasmania inherited a crossbred herd when they bought the farm five years ago.

For the business, which includes Brodie, his brother James, their parents Craig and Heather and worker Kwai, size does matter when it comes to limiting cow competition within the herd.

They use Holstein, Jersey and Swedish Red genetics selectively in a bid to build a uniform herd, targeting about 500kg liveweight, and make breeding decisions based on individual cows.

“We are essentially a three-way-cross but with each breed we are chasing certain characteristics,” Brodie said. He uses DataGene’s Good Bulls App to search for bulls with the traits he is looking for in each breed.