NASIS is the National AI Sire Identification System. AI sires are held to a higher standard of identification and pedigree recording because of their impact the accurate recording of their daughters, grand-daughters and so on. NASIS was originally established in the 1980s to have a unique method of identifying dairy and beef bulls for the purpose of pedigree recording and genetic evaluation. Today, NASIS is part of the Australian dairy industry’s Centralised Data Repository (CDR) and holds a wealth of identity information for bulls from around the world.

Bull companies and breed organisations routinely use NASIS to:

·         Record the identity of new bulls that will be used in AI.

·         Update identity and pedigree details about a bull.

·         Update genetic characteristics such as polled, A2, genetic diseases and haplotypes.

·         Update the ‘active’ status of a bull so that farmers can more easily identify bulls that can be purchased.


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