DataGene board positions

Applications are open for two non-executive director positions on the DataGene board; one with experience in the herd improvement supply chain and the other for a milk producer.

DataGene is an initiative of Dairy Australia and industry, responsible for delivering innovative, pre-competitive services to the dairy herd improvement industry.

The board is currently made up with seven directors with a range of skills and backgrounds in line with industry needs and set by its constitution.

Red breeds genomic boost

  • Genomic Australian Breeding Values (ABVs) are now available for red dairy cattle breeds.
  • Red breeders will be able to access genomic ABVs for traits such as milk, fat, protein, and cell count.
  • DataGene and red breeders will continue to collect more data to boost the reliability and offering of genomic ABVs.

Australian red dairy cattle breeders can now use the genomic information from DNA-samples of their animals to make herd improvement decisions.