Farm facts at his fingertips 

Image removed.Dairy Farmers: Kevin Lockett

Region: Gippsland, Victoria

Topic: HerdData

Gippsland dairy farmer Kevin Locket has his herd records just where he wants them - at his fingertips. DataGene’s new mobile app, HerdData, gives Mr Lockett access to his herd records anywhere, any time.

Mr Lockett milks 165 cows on about 88ha at Neerim North, Victoria with a split calving herd comprising cross bred, Holstein and Jersey cows. The herd is part of a larger family operation which milks around 700 cows across three farms.

When he wants to check on a cow’s most recent herd test figures, find out when she is due to dry off, or calve, and find out who a cow is in calf to, he just pulls out his phone to access his records.

The HerdData app is a big improvement on the record keeping Mr Lockett had when he started on the farm. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Kevin Lockett photo
DataGene’s HerdData App has become such a useful tool that Kevin Lockett doesn’t know how he farmed without it.