Does genetics pay in practice?

logoDairy farmers: Paul and Lisa Mumford

Region: Gippsland, Victoria

Topic: ImProving Herds

The high genetic merit cows in Paul and Lisa Mumford’s herd contribute $282 more profit per cow every year than their lower genetic merit herd-mates.

This is the finding of an analysis conducted by the Gardiner Dairy Foundation funded ImProving Herds project, and presented at the Won Wron Focus Farm open day in September. The Mumfords’ herd is one of a few in the world to undergo a rigorous comparison of cows of different genetic merit drawing upon a long history of herd recording and detailed farm and financial performance records.

With a shared passion for breeding Jerseys, Paul, Lisa and their sharefarmer Aaron Thomas have built the genetics of the herd (Gelbeado Park Jerseys) to rank number six in Australia for Balanced Performance Index (BPI), DataGene’s measure of genetic merit for profit in Australian dairy herds. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE