Good Bulls app streamlines choices

gbgDairy farmer: Con Glennon

Region: Western Victoria

Topic: Good Bulls App

DataGene’s Good Bulls app is streamlining bull selection and cutting out the hype when it comes to identifying the best dairy genetics and its proving to be a be valuable tool for herd improvement advisors, resellers and dairy farmers.

Rodney Brooks from National Herd Development at Terang believes the Good Bulls app is invaluable in helping sort out groups of bulls for clients.

Rodney has been using the Good Bulls app with Noorat dairy farmer Con Glennen in selecting suitable bulls for his 400 cow split calving herd, White Star, which ranks joint
number 1 in Australia for Jerseys for BPI (August 2017). “Con and I both use the Good Bulls app and will be looking at bulls throughout the year – we send information back and forwards to each other using the app because it is so easy.” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE