Phone app fills missing link

HERDDATADairy farmers: Ken and Bonnie Ravenhill

Region: Western Australia

Topic: HerdData

Mobile technology is making it much easier to keep track of cow records – just ask WA Holstein breeder Ken Ravenhill (Moonaralla Holsteins).

“We’ve gone from paper and pens, to laptops and now we are using the HerdData app on a mobile phone to access cow records.” Ken said. “The technology is making it easier to keep good records and access them whenever you want, wherever you are on the farm.”

Ken and Bonnie Ravenhill, along with their four children Heath 13, Georgina 11, Thomas 5 and Lola 3, farm at Narrikup, 25 kilometres north of Albany in Western Australia. The family farm – which includes Ken’s parents, Graham and Jan – milks 1200 Holsteins through a 60 stand rotary and has between eight and 10 full time staff. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE