Informed decisions at Fleyas

dashboardDairy farmers: Geoff and Jessica Fleming

Region: Western Victoria

Topic: Herdtest Dashboard

Jessica Fleming loves herd testing – not because of the work involved, but for the information it generates on the cows. So getting extra information in the form of the DataGene Herd Test Dashboard free with the May herd test figures was a huge bonus.

“If there is more information we can have on the cows – and it’s free and involves no extra work – then I’m up for it,” Jessica said. “Every bit of information we get helps in our decision making.”

Jessica and Geoff Fleming milk between 220 and 260 cows on their 170 ha property at Gorae West, near Portland in Western Victoria. The herd split calves with 40 per cent in spring and 60 per cent in autumn. The herd is milked in a 16-a-side double-up dairy with a rapid exit and herd tested every two months. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE