Dashboard drives cow decisions

dashboardDairy farmer: Peta Barlow

Region: Gippsland, Victoria

Topic: Herd Test Dashboard

Gippsland dairy farmer Peta Barlow knows about herd testing – from both sides of the fence. Peta works at Yarram Herd Services and also runs a 130- cow dairy herd at nearby Jack River that is herd tested 12 times a year. The herd is made up of Holsteins, Aussie Red and Jerseys and milks year round with three distinct calving periods in March, May and July.

“Being on both sides of the Herd Test system gives me a different perspective on the information available from Herd Test reports and the new DataGene Herd Test DashBoard report,” Peta said. “The Herd Test Dashboard is only relatively new but Yarram Herd Services were involved during its development so I got our herd involved as soon as it was available. The Herd Test Dashboard gives you a picture of what is happening in the herd and which cows need closer attention." CLICK HERE TO READ MORE