Breeding for heat tolerance

Dairy farmers: Trevor Parrish

Region: New South Wales

Topic: Heat Tolerance ABV

When bull buying clients started asking Holstein breeder Trevor Parrish about the new Heat Tolerance ABV, he knew he had to make sure he was breeding what his customers wanted.

Mr Parrish runs Illawambra Holsteins in the Kangaroo Valley, selling about 30 bulls and 100 females a year to other dairy farmers, with these sales making up a sizeable share of the farm business.

The Illawambra herd ranked number one in Australian Holstein herds for profit (Balanced Performance I – BPI), health (Health Weighted Index – HWI) and type (Type Weighted Index – TWI) in DataGene’s August 2017 release of Australian Breeding Values (ABVs).

While leading the breed indices, Mr Parrish is now also considering the Heat Tolerance ABVs in his breeding decisions. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Trevor Parish