Heat Tolerance over the moon at Nanango

Dairy Farmers: Ian and Cathy Scott

Region: Queensland

Topic: Heat Tolerance ABV

Ian and Cathy Scott from Nanango, Queensland will be looking for bulls to use over their dairy herd that are above average for the new Heat Tolerance Australian Breeding Value (ABV).

“We’ve always picked bulls on type, production and udders; and now we will be including the new Heat Tolerance ABV as well,” Mr Scott said

“We can fly to the moon but we can’t control the weather so we need to do everything possible to make things better for the cows, which includes breeding cows with good heat tolerance.”

The Scotts recently received the Heat Tolerance ABV data for their herd and found most of their cows are above the Australian average, with ABVs of 100 or higher. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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