About Dairy House - a joint office for herd improvement organisations

Dairy House is a joint office within the AgriBio building at La Trobe University, Victoria. Established in November 2018 it is home to DataGene, Holstein Australia, Jersey Australia and the National Herd Improvement Association of Australia (NHIA).

Co-location enables close collaboration and sharing of resources that Dairy House tenants may not be able to afford individually. Also, Dairy House is the located in the building where a significant proportion of dairy genetics research is undertaken, particularly in animal and pasture genetics. This gives us ready access to our colleagues in the DairyBio and Agriculture Victoria teams.

Each of the tenants contributed to the establishment of Dairy House with additional funding from the Gardiner Dairy Foundation.



DataGene is an industry-owned organisation, responsible for developing tools and services to drive genetic gain and herd improvement in the Australian dairy industry. DataGene works in the pre-competitive space, including research, development and extension activities. One of DataGene’s most public roles is independent genetic evaluation, from which Australian Breeding Values (ABVs) are published in April, August and December each year. DataGene is currently developing a Central Data Repository which will connect data that is currently stored in many different places; making it possible to develop tools for farmers to make decisions based on their own herd’s data.

More information: www.datagene.com.au

Holstein Australia

Holstein Australia Australia’s largest dairy cattle breed association, with approximately 1200 members.  It provides registration, classification and genetic improvement services to dairy farmers. Holstein Australia’s Herdbook and Appendix contain the records of more than two million animals, with 50,000 new registrations and 30,000 classifications each year.

Holstein Australia represents its members on organisations such as DataGene, National Herd Improvement Association (NHIA) and the World Holstein Friesian Federation. It also provides an independent, member-focused voice on matters affecting genetic improvement in the Australian dairy industry.

More information: www.holstein.com.au

Jersey Australia

For more than 100 years, Jersey Australia has been an industry leader for the promotion and development of the Jersey Breed in Australia.  With close to 600 members across the country as well as some from around the world, Jersey Australia:

  • Maintains the National herd book registry.
  • Deliver breed development service to members with registrations classifications, transfer and pedigree and genomic evaluations.
  • Promotes and markets the breed both domestically and internationally
  • Provides industry R&D and project support services.   

More information: www.jersey.com.au or email: jersey@jersey.com.au


The National Herd Improvement Association of Australia is an industry organisation that promotes herd improvement within the Australian dairy industry by providing a range of services to its membership, and through that membership, to benefit Australian dairy farmers.


The member base includes organisations involved directly in the provision of herd improvement services, a range of activities that lead to productivity gains to farmers. Some members are also organisations which are suppliers to the herd improvement industry, for example, laboratories, equipment etc.

NHIA's objectives are to:

  • Lead continual development of the Australian herd improvement industry.
  • Represent the industry for the benefit of NHIA Members.
  • Stimulate high quality exchange of ideas and technology within the HI industry.
  • Stimulate higher levels of professionalism within the HI Industry.
  • Deliver cost effective products and services to the benefit of the members.

More information: https://www.nhia.org.au

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