Breeding and feeding go hand-in-hand at Loch

Kirk - GippslandMaintaining a top-quality genetic-base ensures Kate and Jason Kirk get the most out of their stringent feeding regime.

The couple, with their son Harvey 9, milk 310 Holsteins in a split-calving system at Loch. 

Their Holsteins are not only even in type and stature, they are big production animals. The 640 kg average herd delivers an average 640 kg of solids per lactation. Heifers come into the dairy at about 540 kg producing 85 per cent of a mature cows' production in their first season.

While special attention is paid to feeding and nutrition, Kate said without a good genetic base there would be no way the cows could achieve this milk production.

“If the genetic potential isn’t there, it doesn’t matter what you feed them, they won’t be top performers compared to all the other Holstein herds."  

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