New election to DataGene board

Genetics Australia CEO, Anthony Shelly has been elected to the board of DataGene, the dairy industry’s organisation to drive herd improvement.

Anthony Shelly
Genetics Australia CEO,
Anthony Shelly has been
elected to the board of

He was elected at DataGene’s recent (14 November 2019) annual general meeting, when Gippsland, Victorian dairy farmer Tim Jelbart was also re-elected to the board and Ross Joblin was reappointed to the Board.

Anthony has spent his entire 30-year  career in dairy herd improvement, most of it with Genetics Australia and its precursor organisations.  Genetics Australia is Australia’s largest artificial breeding supplier, supplying half of the genetics used by Australian dairy farmers to improve their herds.

Having held a wide range of roles within Genetics Australia, Anthony has an exceptional understanding of the application of herd improvement at all levels of business. He is also a non-executive director of the National Herd Improvement Association of Australia (NHIA). 

Anthony said he was excited about the opportunity to be more involved with DataGene.

“I’m passionate about the role of genetics and data in helping farmers optimise their businesses, which is essentially what DataGene is all about,” he said.

Anthony filled a vacancy on the board created by the departure of James Smallwood, General Manager ABS Australia, who resigned due to changing responsibilities with the company.

Ross Joblin thanked James Smallwood for his contribution to DataGene. “We have valued the perspective James brought to discussions around the board room table and his broad industry experience,” Ross said.

For more information contact: DataGene 03 9032 7191 or or

DataGene is an initiative of Dairy Australia and the herd improvement industry.